4byte4 Computer Services

4byte4 Computer Services has been serving the Vancouver/Portland area since 1996.


Our passion is to help the small business owner run their Business more successfully. To help wade through the marketing hype and sales tactics and provide services that are both cost effective and beneficial.


To that end, 4byte4 does not align itself with any particular computer manufacturer, or software vendor. We prefer to choose the path that will get the job done for the client, not fit the client into the sales numbers at our wholesaler. That isn’t to say we aren’t Microsoft Certified, a Cisco partner, and very familiar with a large selection of software and hardware vendors. I love to learn, have always had a need to know “how” things work beyond the brochure and and I truly LOVE the challenges that are brought up in this job.


On the home front, We were one of the first companies to “come to you” and If you’ve lived in Vancouver for more than a few years you’ve no doubt seen one of our yellow Neons driving around town.


As the Owner, I have been interested in computers since childhood and spent my High School years logging as many hours on the school computers as I could get away with! Setting up my school network (1989!) and then establishing a link between the colleges in Chicago that I attended really piqued my interest in all computer related activities. After taking a break when I finished school, I moved to Vancouver, WA and I found myself drawn back to the "challenge". I run my company like I want to be treated. Straight shooting and trying my best to under promise and over deliver.


We live in this community, serve here, and buy local because we know that what makes this place great is more than just the awesome weather… it’s us!


Please understand that I work with computers because I love to. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy working with my clients and I would love the opportunity to earn your business!


I look forward to meeting you!


Shawn M. Crull
The love of 4x4ing + Computers = 4byte4


4106 NE 44th Street
Vancouver, WA 98661


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