4byte4 Computer Services

Warning about Data Recovery Fraud!


Your computer not running so hot? Blue Screen of death, "inaccessable boot device" or corrupt operating system? We can help you with that. Sometimes it's very simple even, just requiring a few steps to get your data off of a drive that windows won't boot to anymore. IF your computer starts to boot up and then gives you a blue screen of death... it's "Most likely" not going to need true data recovery.


This level of "data recovery" is what most computer repair companies do and charge huge prices when all they have to do is hook it up to their machine and copy the info to a disk that is formatted correctly.


Or worse, they just take your drive, tell you they "recovered" the data, and then have you hook it up to an external device, or in your computer as a second drive and the data is all there. Magic!

What you don't know is: they didn't have to do anything! Most of the time if your drive is healthy and you computer just wont' boot, any other computer will read the drive and can just see the data. We've been helping our clients with this type of "data recovery" for years.


At the most we charge our normal home rate to get the drive setup into your computer as a second drive, or put a new drive in and reinstall windows for you and copy your data onto it. We'll never just take your good data and shake you down for $500 to copy it onto another good hard drive. We want your business for life, not just once.


Never assume Hard Drive data is unrecoverable. We have successfully recovered data from thousands of hard drives with extreme physical damage when others have said hard drive data recovery was not possible. We are the experts in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA


We have several levels of service geared to be able to recover even the most destroyed data. However, our services are priced to be affordable to the average user. Most Home and Business level data recovery that we perform costs less than $400.00! We can even pick it up and drop it off for you!


The most important thing to remember is to not make the damage worse. Many drives have been rendered unusable by "trying" to get the data back in unorthodox ways. Freezing, tapping, shacking, standing them on their side, all myths of the trade that can take your data and turn it into mush.