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You have a website now, but no one can find it! Welcome to the harsh reality of the Internet. Just because you planted "your" tree in the forest doesn't mean anyone knows it's there.


But how do you get into the search engines? Lots of companies are offering very expensive services to get you to the top of search engines. Web site promotion is NOT rocket science, but when you call those companies you get a flood of information about what they do, and how.


I honestly feel that 99% of those companies are a rip off, and they flood you with info to try and justify the high cost of their services. I've had companies that never even asked me how to change any info on my site, they just wanted my money!


How are we different?

Keyword analysis.


4byte4.com works with you throughout the search engine optimization process to turn your site into a search engine friendly environment. More than that, however, we find the exact phrases that people are searching for in regards to your site! If you own a fishing site, and you're ranked at the top of  "fishing the nw" but everyone types in "nw fishing spots" then your rankings are useless! We'll help you avoid those website promotion errors.


Keyword density.


We take the terms that we know people are looking for, and make them the most prevalent on your site. Not in a hard to read manner, but in a flowing, natural way. That way your message isn't lost in your website promotion efforts.


There are some very basic website promotion rules that you MUST follow if you want to be ranked in the search engines. Most people do not follow these rules. We will work with your site to get your pages listed at the top of the 5 largest search engines. (which encompass 99% of all searches)

We will also submit your site to over 3000 smaller search engines for no extra cost. We will need at least ftp access to your site to make the necessary changes.


How much does web site promotion cost?


If you look around the net, you'll find a lot of companies charging everything from a $20 monthly fee all the way to $5000 up front and $100 a month just to keep your site at the top of the engines.


We are not going to make any claims about any of those companies. (Although I would stay away from either extreme) We know how much time goes into what WE do, and we charge accordingly for it. Our services run around $500 for most brochure sites, and we have measurable results. In most cases we use statistical monitoring* to show you what search terms people are using to find your site. We also keep detailed records* of who visits your site, and how long they are staying to help you get an accurate reading on how useful the service has been for you.


How does it work?


Simple, you tell us the phrases you want to be listed under. We can also help you with that by telling you what types of phrases people are actually looking for to find your kind of service.


We'll do some research to find the top phrases and keywords for your type of business and decide on a list. After we have decided on a listing of terms that you want to be found under, we will then need access to your site to make the appropriate changes to the pages that you want listed.


The changes will be made and results will show up in 1-2 months. Search engines "index" themselves about once a month, so it usually takes 1-2 months for search engine listing changes to take effect. That is also why you will sometimes see a page ranked highly that has nothing to do with a term that you searched for. The persons involved changed the page after the search engines indexed it.


How do I sign up?

Call us @360.699.6111 or email us @ info@4byte4.com for more information


*Statistical monitoring and records of visits are only available with our hosting services or if your host has similar monitoring software.